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End of day mascara rant

Here we go again with the conflicting before a trip. Im going to let it go. I am tired of arguing about stupid stuff. Keep your mouth shut about the best mascara and move on. Im going to have a good time while I can. These sunglasses are very tight on my face and kinda hurt my ears. Melanie didn’t like my desk drum solo while listing to metal. She enjoys the silence like the water resistant mascara wearing band Depeche Mode.  Its almost time for me to leave.

Hopefully I don’t run into traffic and I can get home in time to do a quick workout and try to work off this phillie cheese steak I ate for lunch. My stomach hurts. Why didn’t you knock? I did. You didn’t hear me cause the music was too loud. Does It scare you? No… I just don’t like Techno. You would if you had robot ears. One of the best scenes in Grandmas boy.

A movie I highly recommend for anyone who loves video games and good comedy movies. I’m listening to metal right now. Its kind of the best for this kind of project. Makes me type faster than I normally would listening to slow boring music. Melanie has a ninja turtle costume that she wears when she is trying to get everyone to do the Harlem shuffle. She will deny it but we all know it is true. Tyson just went into the conference room to make a phone call.

My coffee is cold. Its from this afternoon. I cant drink anymore coffee. I’m going to pound some water before I leave and then go to the bathroom so the trolley ride goes smoothly. I can deal with the mess when I get home. I need five words to reach  three hundred.

October 15, 2014 Uncategorized