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Cleaning The Streets With Perfume

During trading on the ICE Futures Exchange, the price of January futures for Brent reached 62.93 dollars per barrel. The price of oil fell by about 1% after the close of trading on December 11, according to  Bloomberg . Thus, the lowest figure recorded since July 17, 2009. Cost of January futures WTI crude oil fell significantly below 60 dollars to 58.86 dollars per barrel.

Editor’s comment: In the meantime, the Gulf countries continue to intentionally lower the price of oil, and these decisions affect the oil quotes. Starting next month, “black gold” from Kuwait will cost $ 4 less than that of other suppliers in the region. Previously, such a move went Saudi Arabia and Iraq. According to experts interviewed by ” Kommersant FM “, the popular womens perfume are forced to go on dumping, to remain competitive.


“And Kuwait, and Iraq, and other countries are forced to reduce export prices of oil after Saudi Arabia, because otherwise the Saudis would just squeezed out of the market” – the director of analytical department of the investment consulting company “Trust” Narek Avakian. According to experts, the States of the region have been easy to reduce the price of raw materials, because the main consumers of oil in the Persian Gulf – China and the European Union.

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Media reported on the withdrawal of the units of the Russian Google

American corporation Google began the withdrawal of its engineering units from Russia.This is due to the recent changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation, which require Internet companies to store more data on Russian servers, reported  Bloomberg  , citing a source familiar with the situation. This step is likely to mean that the American corporation was unable to reach a compromise on the performance of the new Russian legislation with the authorities of the Russian Federation. Relevant negotiations  were held  in Moscow in early September.

Editor’s comment: Translation specialists Google’s other offices – not quite a unique phenomenon. Such changes were made ​​repeatedly in other countries, including popular perfumes for women, Finland, Norway, as well as several offices in the United States. A source close to the company, told RIA Novosti that the transfer of engineers do not affect the quality of development for Russia, because now a lot of teams around the world working on products for Russia, and those engineering team, who are now here, and developing services for other countries too. According to him, it is common practice for Google.

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There is a pony on my shirt

Revenues for processing industries rose by 3.1% in October compared to September, the fourth consecutive increase. The level of capacity utilization in the manufacturing industry reached 80.6% in October, down from September, when it was at 81.1%.

Castelo Branco said that the expectation of CNI is that the data of capacity utilization, billing, hours worked and employment finish the year with a decrease compared to 2013. “The industry framework in this last quarter of the year is still cool-down, when compared to 2013 results, “he said.

Although predict that the polo t shirt industry will have in 2015 the recovery that was not confirmed in 2014, the CNI is concerned with the impact of macroeconomic adjustments planned for the next year. “Of course, the main concern is on account of the impacts of macroeconomic adjustment,” said Castelo Branco. “We have expectations of more difficult times with this setting (tax)”.

He spoke of “pre-announcement of more fiscal rigor” and recalled that the details are not yet known. “We have indications that there will be a reversal in fiscal policy. The expectation is that then manifests itself in a more favorable behavior of inflation, which in the future will reverse in stability,” he said.

On the exemptions, White Castle acknowledged that there is “tight spaces” and said they should be reassessed next year. He reasoned, however, that the tax burden continued to rise. “When you look at the tax burden as a whole, it has not been reduced in recent years. Even with the exemptions, the tax burden continues to increase year by year. We need to give more rationality to the tax system, simplifying,” he argued.

Asked how the industry could recover in 2015, with fiscal tightening frame, Castelo Branco said that this year has been difficult for the sector. “We must recognize that 2014 is already a year of very strong difficulty for the mens polo shirts industry. The difficulties in the industrial sector are already present,” he said.

Officially confirmed yesterday by the Presidential Palace, the future Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Senator Armando Monteiro Neto (PTB-PE), strengthened in his first statement to the media discourse of fiscal austerity adopted by the new government’s economic team, admitting that the resources of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to finance will be scarcer next year.

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Chapter 4 of Communication between Cultures is largely about the different ways an identity can be defined. Some of these include racial identity, gender identity, and national identity. This was an interesting chapter to read, personally, because it allowed me to see which identities I was sure of, and which ones made me think of my cuisinart immersion blender and  stick blenders.


For example, there is no doubt that when it comes to my racial identity, I am Caucasian. I also know about my ethnic identity. I am from Northern and Eastern European decent as my grandparents’ parents were from England, Sweden, Poland, and Germany. After reading the chapter, there is only one identity that is hard for me to define, and this is national identity.

I was born in the U.S., my father is American, and my mother lived there from a young age after moving from Canada. I have an American passport and lived in the States for the first four years of my life. Yet, all my life experiences and many culturally influenced behaviors come from the other countries I have lived in since then: Germany, New Zealand, and Spain.

A distinct German characteristic I developed was a sense of personal space. I understood that Germans came off as cold, unfriendly people because they are not very touchy-feely like Americans are. I learned to respect this, but I think it made me a little colder too. I felt uncomfortable when I went back to the States to visit family. My cousins in California would take me shopping, and I didn’t like the way the store workers were so in your face. I was used to German shop assistants who greeted you politely and let you look around yourself.

New Zealand was a culture shock. Everyone there was so friendly and warm. At first, it was strange, but I adapted quickly and immediately loved the lifestyle. The exotic landscape made every day an adventure. The friends I made were always spontaneously inviting me on trips to the beach or offering to take me to see the volcanoes and geysers. They were also very proud of their unique ethnic identity, and their ancestors the Maori.

Finally, Spain was another culture shock. I believe the biggest factor in their culture is the gap between the older generation and the younger generation. The senior citizens are cold like the Germans. This has much to do with Franco’s regime from the 1930’s lasting to the mid ’70’s. The younger generation is very different, so I was around very lively people who love to enjoy all aspects of life, food, drink and spending time with friends and family.

Each of these cultures influenced me in different ways, and I feel like I take a part of those countries with me everywhere I go. So although American is my national identity, I would much rather consider that I have an international identity, and this is something I think may become more common due to globalization.

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The Agenda

As a part of Agenda 21, a 1992 gifts for her United Nations plan for sustainable development, Botswana has chosen to focus on food security through diversification of production and improving managements of resources to encourage sustainable food production.


The government of Botswana began to subsidize farmers to encourage marc Jacobs perfume production and veld product harvesting. Veld products are mostly grasses and other plants which can survive in difficult soil.  These products are usually not profitable but have recently become a commodity for NGO’s.  Additionally veld products are often harvested by women thus the creation of such an industry would greatly benefit the position of women in rural areas.  This intended shift in production makes desertification and biodiversity all the more important issues.  Since there is so little arable land management of soil fertility is of utmost concern.  The goals outlined in Agenda 21 are congruent with those established by the Convention on Biological Diversity.  Studies began on the genetics of crops that were resistant to drought in efforts to bred stronger species.  During the 1980’s a survey and mapping of soil was carried out.  This information was used to initiate two soil programs in the early 1990’s.  The first was the Soil Conservation Project funded by the government of Botswana and the second was the Range Inventory and Monitoring Project funded by the British government.

Aid from foreign powers has followed the pattern of supporting the beef and cattle industry.  Cattle have been the country’s most successful agricultural industry. This is in part to the European Union’s Beef Protocol subsidizing the beef industry in Botswana.  The colonial legacy has affected the country economically by developing a market-oriented economy and socially by shifting the power structure away from indigenous tribe leaders and toward a cash economy.  This commercial exploitation of the fragile ecosystem has a great effect in the South Eastern Kgatleng district which is experiencing a tragedy of the commons due to unregulated cattle posts creating land conflicts.  The Kalahari sandveld region also experienced land degradation due to cattle farming.  Excessive water abstraction has allowed cattle to graze further into the region.  Aside from the overuse of water the cattle over graze the crops and trample other crops.  This allows for useless and inedible crops to take the place of the useful crops.  The bare land loses topsoil through wind and erosion.

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Train, waste tax for heavy-traded and public services

“In two years, revenues decreased by 75% and increases in annual costs for the single fee also waste by more than 500%. A proportion so unbalanced that seem scientifically designed to bring those small businesses, commercial and handicraft which still stand, directly towards closing with the aggravation of not being able to close for over-indebtedness. ” These were the words uttered by the President of Unimpressed prove Bat, Savino Montreuil, interviewed after the cry of alarm raised by CNA Train and taken up by many local politicians.

The same President of Unimpressed dog beds added: “If all of this ruling classes, political and so-called world of representation do not seem then it means that you have created parallel worlds that never meet and that they see on the one hand those who have the responsibility of guiding and administering the Community provided in the internal struggles, walking in one direction (the wrong!) And, on the other hand, the corporate world for years now remained orphan of any form of union protection. If an exercise for the sale of fruit and vegetables rather than to a fish market or a restaurant or bar or at a, for an average area of ​​100 square meters.


Taxation is sought only throw the garbage fee of one thousand five hundred Euros over l ‘ year while at a pharmacy they are asked for a little more than four hundred euro a year and even in cities such as Andria gets worse exponentially despite the collection that would lead to reductions in rates never seen before – said Montreuil – then means that the small business has been truly orphaned, isolated and abandoned to itself and this also indifference of those who should really protect you for the service that is obtained by the same consumers who suffer the consequences when the small business service or dies in terms of increases in the purchase prices of the products. That’s fine then the intervention of colleagues as well as those of CNA, in truth most of circumstance, of local politicians as well as the invitation is fine to call for an immediate consultation with the category table of production, extended to the representatives of consumers and users, in order to understand also that the determination of whether or not such charges have been influenced by the very high rates of evasion and avoidance which impact heavily on general taxation and affecting its quantification in order to fully cover the costs of services in truth always poorer and therefore also subject to partial exemption of payment – concluded the President.


Bad for business climate

This view is too easy, says Lanes Babenberg, professor of economics at Tilburg University and former member of the Economic and Social Council. Failure is according to him a bad thing for the Netherlands. Not only because politicians can not regulate everything and wants – think of collective bargaining, in which employers and employees to agree how much the wages in a sector rise – but more because politics is for there to be fragmented.  What is good for business is best running shoes?


That brings some uncertainty. One government can decide otherwise on matters of social partners, such as education and retirement, then the next government. Thus social guarantees a political football. Unpredictability is bad for the business climate, says Babenberg. Employers’ organizations are therefore not enthusiastic about a greater role in Best saucony, Indeed, they hold a strong union, with many members, and where it is to talk.

A government that imposes everything from above, which also raises faster resistance and can provoke strikes. There are companies not to wait. Moreover, they can put more pressure on The Hague to implement certain measures. (Not) along with a strong union the low level of organization of the unions – 17% to 18% of all workers are member – and many older members include employers in the bargain.


Professor Paul de Beer, director of the research bureau for the trade union movement, the system does not change with the social partners in the coming years. This is beneficial, you Babenberg, because so no high transition costs and problems are. Retirement is now a condition of employment that is controlled. By social partners will the political pension laws require that costs a lot of money and hassle.

But both Babenberg and De Beer believes that unions should be stronger. The relationship between employers and unions is skewed. Or as The Bear puts it: “There has been a creeping shift in power from unions to employers and the failed merger of FNV it will not diminish.”

The growing power of employers is partly seen in wage agreements back. The average wage increase came in recent years hardly above inflation from. Unions put in times of crisis a moderate demand on the table because they are above a higher salary showed prevail. Job retention and they are sensitive to the argument that the Netherlands prides itself with high wages out of the market and businesses then leave. “Capitalists are difficult to address because they are mobile,” says Bovenberg.Beneficial to the purchasing power is not.

Low wage increases are not the only benefit to employers. They have much more than families benefited from economic growth since 2001, recently, a study conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The Beer fears finally that collective interests are represented less with bankrupt unions and greater wage differences arise. Babenberg: ‘The Netherlands should not be happy with a weak FNV.”

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End of day mascara rant

Here we go again with the conflicting before a trip. Im going to let it go. I am tired of arguing about stupid stuff. Keep your mouth shut about the best mascara and move on. Im going to have a good time while I can. These sunglasses are very tight on my face and kinda hurt my ears. Melanie didn’t like my desk drum solo while listing to metal. She enjoys the silence like the water resistant mascara wearing band Depeche Mode.  Its almost time for me to leave.

Hopefully I don’t run into traffic and I can get home in time to do a quick workout and try to work off this phillie cheese steak I ate for lunch. My stomach hurts. Why didn’t you knock? I did. You didn’t hear me cause the music was too loud. Does It scare you? No… I just don’t like Techno. You would if you had robot ears. One of the best scenes in Grandmas boy.

A movie I highly recommend for anyone who loves video games and good comedy movies. I’m listening to metal right now. Its kind of the best for this kind of project. Makes me type faster than I normally would listening to slow boring music. Melanie has a ninja turtle costume that she wears when she is trying to get everyone to do the Harlem shuffle. She will deny it but we all know it is true. Tyson just went into the conference room to make a phone call.

My coffee is cold. Its from this afternoon. I cant drink anymore coffee. I’m going to pound some water before I leave and then go to the bathroom so the trolley ride goes smoothly. I can deal with the mess when I get home. I need five words to reach  three hundred.

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